Update 69, When Music Takes Flight

Zero-G is taking performance venues to new heights with its new concert series.

For those seeking a departure from customary venues like theme parks, tropical resorts, cruise ships, or upscale restaurants for occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings, an avant-garde option now beckons.

Zero-G Corporation, a pioneering space tourism enterprise, is poised to redefine the landscape of exclusive entertainment. The company envisions hosting private concerts within their specially modified aircraft, where the confines of gravity are nullified.

Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Exploration Park, Florida, Zero-G Corporation has been a trailblazer in the realm of private space-based amusement. Since 2004, they have catered to distinguished clients, including luminaries such as Martha Stewart, Stephen Hawking, and Buzz Aldrin, offering them unparalleled experiences aboard G-Force One, an extensively adapted Boeing 727-200 designed to replicate microgravity conditions.

Zero-G Corporation is now poised to revolutionize the very concept of concert venues. In a groundbreaking initiative slated for debut in 2023, they plan to combine gravity-reduced parabolic flights with live musical performances. As this initiative gathers momentum, the company is committed to broadening the spectrum of artistic expressions that can flourish within a zero-gravity environment.

A distinguishing feature of Zero-G Corporation is its unique offering, allowing individuals to experience weightlessness without the need to journey into outer space, all at a reasonable cost. These flights, spanning approximately 100 minutes, comprise a sequence of fifteen parabolas. Each parabola meticulously replicates 30 seconds of reduced gravity, made possible by the enhanced hydraulic system of G-Force One, which sustains hydraulic pressure during FAA-approved parabolic intervals.

The aircraft’s passenger seating has been strategically reconfigured to optimize the floating expanse within. This carefully designed space is divided into sections and outfitted with floor-to-ceiling padding, ensuring a blend of comfort and safety for all participants.

Zero-G Corporation’s incursion into the realm of music began with an unforgettable zero-gravity rave flight, paving the way for forthcoming performances featuring notable DJs, rap artists, and pop icons. The company’s vision extends to encompass instrumental ensembles in future endeavors.

Greg Melon, Director of Marketing & Consumer Sales, notes that this evolution sprang from informal brainstorming sessions within the company, ultimately leading to the concept of converting G-Force One into a concert venue. Following weeks of meticulous consideration, the concept solidified into a viable venture.

Zero-G’s proactive engagement with labels and artists garnered an overwhelmingly positive response, affirming the potential of the concept. Melon views this initiative as an unparalleled opportunity for artists to transcend conventional performance boundaries, facilitating an unforgettable synergy between musicians and their audience within the unique context of zero gravity.

Throughout the concert flight, attendees will be treated to a meticulously curated playlist spanning three or four songs, synchronized with the aircraft’s ascent and transitions into zero-gravity intervals.

Credits: Zero Gravity Corporation (Zero-G) Youtube

Each participant will receive a bespoke Zero-G flight suit, serving as a tangible reminder of their exceptional experience and aligning them with an illustrious roster of prior luminaries such as Elon Musk, James Cameron, and Kate Upton. Notably, ticket pricing mirrors that of public consumer flights, set at $9,070 plus applicable taxes.

While specific dates are yet to be confirmed, Zero-G Corporation anticipates hosting no fewer than three zero-gravity concerts this year. The company remains committed to flexibility, enabling artists to select their preferred timing and location. Whether an artist envisions a concert over Los Angeles, Long Beach, the Gulf Coast, or Florida, Zero-G’s versatile operations are primed to accommodate diverse preferences, facilitated by their capability to cater to an 8,000-foot runway requirement.

In an era characterized by audacious aspirations, Zero-G Corporation transcends the boundaries of conventional entertainment, crafting a seamless fusion of music and weightlessness that holds the potential to redefine the concert experience in unprecedented dimensions.

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